Ryo Kameyama

Found via The Black Snapper, Ryo Kameyama was selected by the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts‘ annual Young Portfolio Acquisitions program.

“There is a church in the middle of Kamenga mental hospital. On each side of the church, there is a ward separately for women and men. These patients are the victims of the war. Some directly and some indirectly. The hospital is impoverished by the civil war, it can’t provide enough treatment.

A woman tried to run away from the battle, and lived in the jungle for several years by herself. She was, at last, found by her family and was brought here. Her hands and feet were severely infected. She sits down holding her knees most of the time, without saying a word.

A boy, Oscar, was brought here by his brothers. One day, their mother was killed because she was Tutsi. Oscar tried to kill one of the murderer with a hatchet. He was caught and tied by a rope. The rope was tied so tightly that it encroached his arm to the muscle. After a while in the hospital. he ran away at night. He had no money to pay.

Since the 60’s, the war between Tutsis and Hutus intensified due to the puppet government of Germany and Belgium. In such a small country, the ordinary people who used to live as one nation began to fight. They had primitive weapons such as rocks and sticks in their hands. And all this was for the discrimination against each other. There were millions of victims. As the result of the politics using the nation, fear and doubts were planted. And suspicion and chaos brought out insanity.”

© Ryo Kameyama

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