Willem de Lange

Found via SocialDocumentary.net, Willem de Lange‘s Emerging Farmers has some strong work.

“This is an ongoing project, where I cover the lives of Emerging Farmers (EF), and the chances for Emerging Farmers in South Africa, to become successful commercial farmers. At the moment, prospects for the emerging farmers are bleak. EF face numerous challenges, such as lacking knowledge about agriculture, poor business administration and management skills, ineffective communication, little or no capital, poor government support, poor access to markets…and a host of others. Because they have no start-up capital, little knowledge, skill etc. they have no real hope of ever becoming successful commercial or even subsistence farmers. Food security is a threat to all of us, living on the planet. Therefore, whoever farms, has to be successful, so that our sources for food, in years to come, is secure. Helping EF’s to become successful commercial, or even subsistence farmers, should be given a much higher priority by government.”

© Willem de Lange

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