Through Your Lens: School Facilities Across America

“These staircases are too small to fit our 2,600 school population. It is hectic getting to every class every day because there are so many students walking up and down the stair ways. This also makes it difficult to get to class on time with only a five minute passing period. Not only is this an inconvenience but, when it rains the concrete and metal edges on the stairs make it very easy to lose your footing and fall. Ramadas should be placed over the stairs or at least widened.”

The Through Your Lens Exhibit will be shown in the Russell Rotunda of the Senate office building on Capitol Hill on Oct. 5-9. The exhibit will open as Congress is considering legislation to fund the repair, renovation and construction of safe, healthy, and green school buildings. Please take a moment to view the online version of the exhibit, below, and send an invitation to your legislators to view the exhibit on Capitol Hill.

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