Shelby Lee Adams: “All of Us”

Another worthwhile read via AMERICANSUBURB X, Shelby Lee Adams essay, “All of Us”, sheds light on the people of Appalachia and the stereotypes with which they are often portrayed. The photography alone is worth a visit.

“From the onset of my photography in the 1970’s, my experience has been that the larger national population has always viewed Appalachia as a region in transition, not backwards. We Appalachians sometimes think we are viewed more backward than the world actually sees us. Today this diverse mountain range holds many modern developments and yet still embraces many pockets of isolated mountaineers. Much new media attention has freed up the culture from old Hollywood and news stereotypes. For me, as a native, focusing on the people in the hollows, seems relevant, therein lies the old foundational culture we all come from. This is the world that is changing and disappearing. Many outsiders without depth of commitment or understanding have documented the area. My opportunity is to make photographs from an insider’s perspective with real, established relationships.”

© Shelby Lee Adams

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