Eric White

Eric White‘s Borderlands contains some excellent work.

“Borderlands began as a fascination with the Berlin Wall, that towering symbol of tyranny; on one side freedom, the other oppression. It is at once both an observation and a question: With so much to gain by their crossing, can walls really stem the flow of people, the flow of ideas yearning to cross their borders?

…Millions of people journey across this border every year, making it the most heavily-crossed border in the world. As the US government asserts increasing control over the boundary, however, it has also become one of the most violent and deadly areas of the world.

The new sections of fence erected in the last years of the Bush Administration have had the effect not of stopping people from crossing, but merely changing where they cross. These treacherous areas are becoming increasingly desolated and deadly. These are the areas Borderland seeks to highlight and explore.”

© Eric White

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