Peter van Agtmael

Peter van Agtmael‘s American Wars: Graffiti is haunting in its disclosure.

Also, dont miss Agtmael’s newly released book: 2nd Tour, Hope I Don’t Die.

The book distills – in van Agtmael’s photographs and words – the complexity of that experience from the point of view of a young man seeing many others of his generation facing tough choices, grave responsibilities and unpredictable fates. By turns gritty, haunting, and deeply moving, the book is a cogent reminder of the stark and enduring realities of war.

This is a book about conflict, but also an intimate journey into the lives of the people van Agtmael met and befriended. Just 24 years old when he first went to Iraq, he instantly identified with the soldiers. Their stories are told alongside his own recollections.

© Peter van Agtmael

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