Phil Bergerson

Quite frankly, Phil Bergerson‘s Shards of America blew my mind!

You can buy the book Shards of America, here, for the ridiculous price of $25.

Also, don’t miss the great interview with Bergerson via MakingRoom.

Shards of America is a personal view of America, a poetic statement full of irony and pathos. It is an extended sequence constructed from fragmentary messages that encapsulate what I, as a Canadian, see and feel about America. The messages I have found and collected are those left behind by an exuberant, somewhat troubled, rushing humanity as it makes its way through the streets of a tumultuous America at the turn of the century.

Richmond, Indiana, 1998

Alexandria, Louisiana, 1997

Hagerstown, Maryland, 1997

Pueblo, Colorado, 1999

Baltimore, Maryland, 2002

Harrison, Arkansas, 1998

New York, New York, 2001

Temple, Texas, 1998

New York, New York, 2002

Near Kingman, Arizona, 1999

© Phil Bergerson

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