Martin Schoeller

Like his ancestors, young Nija will grow up to roam the wildlands around Lake Eyasi in northern Tanzania—if outside pressures don’t curtail his people’s freedom first.

Holo, Onwas’s daughter, will raise her own five children in intimate touch with the land that supports them. Curiously indifferent to most vestiges of modernity, the Hadza continue to survive on their own terms.

A rugged life in the bush shows on the face of Mokoa, a skilled hunter. The striking genet-tail headdress could be a flourish to impress outsiders, or it may be a local fad—Hadza aren’t immune to fashion.

Martin Schoeller‘s The Hadza via National Geographic.

“They grow no food, raise no livestock, and live without rules or calendars. They are living a hunter-gatherer existence that is little changed from 10,000 years ago. What do they know that we’ve forgotten?”

© Martin Schoeller

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