Christopher Churchill

Visitors, Grand Canyon, AZ 2007

Potato Processing Plant, WA 2007

Holiday Inn Breakfast Room, Deming, NM 2007

Craig Sargent Newbury, Conway, WA 2007

Christopher Churchill‘s American Faith is an extraordinary project. The audio (music and voice-over) that accompanies the work on his website is must-hear.

*Presented through black and white photographs and audio interviews, our November exhibition will present an exploration into the different perspectives of faith in America. Every flavor and manifestations of faith is examined, from the mainstream and cult beliefs and culture, to the concept of faith in the existence of aliens, Elvis, and nature.

In producing this work the photographer Christopher Churchill traveled throughout the country without any specific route. He shot black and white with an 8″x10″field camera. His reliance on unrelated events was his guide to different destinations and encounters, placing faith in this process.

The photographs, writings, and audio recordings were made through out the United States from 2004-2009 and show the diversity of our nation and the ways in which we manifest a human need, and faith as a way that we understand our place in the world.

© Christopher Churchill

*excerpt from his 2009 exhibition at Fovea

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