Elyse Butler

Elyse Butler‘s Sexual Tension.

The Porn Industry in Los Angeles is booming. New actors and actresses are always coming in and out of the business because its life is so short lived. People don’t want to see the same faces all the time and for the girls, as they get older, they get less work. Also, they can’t work as much as the males do, because it can physically hurt them, especially when it comes to being fertile. For men, there are only a few big porn stars because most men are not able to perform under the ‘pressure’ again and again on a daily basis, so most men try once or twice and leave soon after. The directors, photographers, and cameramen come into the industry knowing they can make money easier than trying to make it in feature films. In this documentary I followed around three different porn companies while they were shooting upcoming movies. This is what I saw.

© Elyse Butler

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