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‘If arts journalism is in trouble, what about publishing?’

An interesting article via The Art Newspaper regarding the state of art books.

Is there a crisis in art book publishing? Most people who love art—collectors, gallery-goers, curators, critics, dealers and artists themselves—understandably take it for granted that there is an audience for books about it. There’s a touch of arrogance about this, though an engaging version of arrogance because of the positive emotions involved. If your passion is Greek bronzes or Winslow Homer or Olafur Eliasson, you needn’t worry whether your enthusiasm is shared—unless, of course, you publish art books.

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‘Showcase: Dubai’s Improbable Tale’

With the completion of the record-breaking Burj Khalifa, Dubai continues to push the boundaries despite continued economic uncertainty. With that said, let me recommend revisiting the November 30, 2009 New York Times article, ‘Showcase: Dubai’s Improbable Tale‘, by James Estrin with excellent photography by Lauren Greenfield.

They journeyed to the desert emirate of Dubai by the tens of thousands. Laborers from small towns on the Indian subcontinent and white-collar executives from the capitals of Europe. They came seeking fortune, and they built a modern city unlike any the world had ever seen: a city with the world’s largest tower, an indoor ski slope and a honeymoon suite with a live whale shark in the window.

A city where anything was possible. Sand too hot? Then build a beach with underground refrigeration.

As the orgy of building ground to a halt earlier this year, the photographer Lauren Greenfield set out to tell the story of Dubai and the foreign workers who make up most of its population…

© Lauren Greenfield

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‘Do print sizes matter?’

An excellent post via Conscientious addressing the use of ever-increasing print sizes in contemporary photography. Colberg welcomes your (well-reasoned) opinions, of course.

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‘The Hype Is Right’

Daniel LyonsNewsweek article, The Hype Is Right: Apple’s tablet will reinvent computing, comments on the implications of changing technology and the evolution of mass media.

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Revisit: ‘Lament for a Dying Field: Photojournalism’

Interesting article via The New York Times regarding the oft-discussed state of photojournalism. (Aren’t they all nowadays?)

“Newspapers and magazines are cutting back sharply on picture budgets or going out of business altogether, and television stations have cut back on news coverage in favor of less-costly fare. Pictures and video snapped by amateurs on cellphones are posted to Web sites minutes after events have occurred. Photographers trying to make a living from shooting the news call it a crisis.”

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‘On Street Photographers, Spies, Perverts and Pedophiles’

Another great (if not unfortunate) read via Black Star Rising by Michael Coyne.

“You can’t take pictures from that angle,” warned my assistant. “You will be arrested and accused of trying to take pictures of women’s underwear.”

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‘fun with forums, copyright and fair use’

I am thankful to have stumbled across the post ‘fun with forums, copyright and fair use‘ via still. Touché.

…The topic in question is, if I post about other photographers, am I violating their copyright? I think there are still a few people out there who are a little bit scared of the internet and the way people are using it today. Things have changed pretty rapidly, and it takes some awhile to understand it…

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