Adam Panczuk

Adam Panczuk‘s In the Rhythm of the Land.

Karczeby is a beautiful series, as well.

© Adam Panczuk

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Denis Dailleux

Denis Dailleux‘s Ghana contains startlingly beautiful and sincere portraiture.

See also, Fils de Roi, Portraits d’Égypte and Cairo.

© Denis Dailleux

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Amy Stein

Amy Stein‘s Women and Guns.

© Amy Stein

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Alfonso Moral

Alfonso Moral‘s Freed: faces of Guantanamo.

The American prison in Guantanamo Bay today houses some 250 people accused of committing acts of terrorism. Since January 2002, more than one thousand detainees have passed through this detention centre on the island of Cuba. Almost half of them have subsequently been freed without being charged. Picures and profiles were taken in Afghanistan, July 2008.

For work in a similar vein, see Chris Bartlett’s The Detainee Project.

© Alfonso Moral

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Elyse Butler

Elyse Butler‘s Sexual Tension.

The Porn Industry in Los Angeles is booming. New actors and actresses are always coming in and out of the business because its life is so short lived. People don’t want to see the same faces all the time and for the girls, as they get older, they get less work. Also, they can’t work as much as the males do, because it can physically hurt them, especially when it comes to being fertile. For men, there are only a few big porn stars because most men are not able to perform under the ‘pressure’ again and again on a daily basis, so most men try once or twice and leave soon after. The directors, photographers, and cameramen come into the industry knowing they can make money easier than trying to make it in feature films. In this documentary I followed around three different porn companies while they were shooting upcoming movies. This is what I saw.

© Elyse Butler

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‘Showcase: Dubai’s Improbable Tale’

With the completion of the record-breaking Burj Khalifa, Dubai continues to push the boundaries despite continued economic uncertainty. With that said, let me recommend revisiting the November 30, 2009 New York Times article, ‘Showcase: Dubai’s Improbable Tale‘, by James Estrin with excellent photography by Lauren Greenfield.

They journeyed to the desert emirate of Dubai by the tens of thousands. Laborers from small towns on the Indian subcontinent and white-collar executives from the capitals of Europe. They came seeking fortune, and they built a modern city unlike any the world had ever seen: a city with the world’s largest tower, an indoor ski slope and a honeymoon suite with a live whale shark in the window.

A city where anything was possible. Sand too hot? Then build a beach with underground refrigeration.

As the orgy of building ground to a halt earlier this year, the photographer Lauren Greenfield set out to tell the story of Dubai and the foreign workers who make up most of its population…

© Lauren Greenfield

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Lucia Ganieva

(via Lens Culture) Lucia Ganieva‘s Factory.

This is a series of photographs made in a textile factory in the town of Ivanovo, some 275 kilometers north-east of Moscow. For a long time, the town had been known as the ‘town of brides’ because the population was mostly women, who all worked in the textile industry.

During the regime of the czars, this town was the center of the textile industry in Russia. There were a lot of different plants where all kinds of fabrics were manufactured, mostly based on cotton and linen.

Over the course of time, mostly due to competition of low labor cost countries, such as China, they almost all had to close down. Today, only a handful of them are still active, and even those will probably not last much longer…

© Lucia Ganieva

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