Andy Rocchelli

(Via 7.7) Andy Rocchelli’s Ghost Brigade.

Lawyers and students, doctors and clerks escape the boredom of daily life turning themselves, for a few hours a week, into the fearless members of Ghost Brigade. Some might call it the ultimate weekend escape, but the actual name of the game is Soft Air. A squad of men and women playing war with weapons purchased on the internet, just no death, no pain. There is no violence, but the illusion of it. Ghost Brigade is the biggest group of north Italy, with around 70 members, they choose areas next to the Po river as battlefield. Young boys fight next to their fathers, ex real soldiers applies their knowledges on battlefields to teach the novices how to move. At home, people experience videogames online to have better tactics on action. Between the members of the squads there is an atmosphere of camaraderie that keeps the group unite. Tournaments last for weekends, usually in mountainous, natural areas sometimes in abandoned urban spaces where emotions and adrenaline levels run high until they are ready to face any situation. Most of them have to go to work or at school the next day.

© Andy Rocchelli

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